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Underwater Search and Rescue

Underwater Counter-IED


Symphotic TII Corporation offers advanced search and rescue/recovery tools inlcuding Side Scan Sonars, Tripod Imaging Sonars, ROVS and Underwater Cameras.  We are also the exclusive authorized North American service center for the SeaWASP Counter-IED ROV system.

A typical underwater instrument search starts with Side Scan Sonar.

The Saab-Seaeye ROVs


ROVs for deep waters and heavy payloads.  Please click here to view more information. 

For the most demanding ROV applications, please contact us about the Seaeye Falcon, Panther, Cougar, and Lynx ROVs.  We offer a full range or ROVs from portable systems to the most powerful work-class systems. In addition, we encourage you to consult with us regarding your requirements for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.



The 881A-GS and 881L-GS High Performance Gyro Stabilized Imaging Sonar.

Gyro-stabilization of the Imagenex Model 881L-GS and the 881A-GS makes these high resolution sonars into a systems capable of crystal clear visualization from moving ROVs without the blurring effects of host vehicle rotation. An advanced, low drift gyro is integrated directly into the sonar head, so the sonar can now compensate for vehicle motion in real time with unprecedented accuracy, stability, and robustness.
The enhanced capabilities of the 881L-GS and 881A-GShave not compromised the performance of the sonar. Using Ethernet communications, these all-in-one, high performance digital imaging sonar can still exceed 100 samples per second on short range at up to 2 mm range resolution, and can auto-adjust acoustic frequency and resolution to scan up to a 200 m radius, 360į surrounding area.
The Model 881L-GS and 881A-GS feature low power consumption, simple set-up, and small size that make it an ideal tool for large work ROVís and small inspection vehicles. It is also a powerful and convenient drop sonar and borehole inspection package: just add a laptop computer and power supply and run the included Imagenex software.


The NEW 878 High Resolution Towable Sonar.

Simultaneous dual frequency, high resolution, LAN compatible with built in GPS, track plotter, and optional orientation module including depth,temperature, pitch, roll and heading sensors.  Also available with optional echo sounder.

The SportScan Dual Frequency Sonar        The Yellowfin Triple Frequency Sonar


The Sportscan is an economical scanning sonar system is available in single frequency and dual frequency models.  A deeper water version, the Yellowfin, is also available.

The 881A Imaging Sonar

We also offer a full line of sonar systems for ROVs and stand alone use.


The GIB (GPS Intelligent Buoy) real time underwater GPS tracking system.

Highly accurate and simple to deploy, we are proud to offer the latest in underwater tracking for ROVs, AUVs, divers, and other subjects.



Digital Edge DVD

The Digital Edge System allows you to record video and overlay with a sophisticated but easy to use interface.  The final product is a customer-deliverable hard disk.




Lyyn Video Enhancment Technology

This innovative new technology is called LYYN Visibility Enhancement Technology (V.E.T.). Visibility is enhanced (particularly the possibility to see colors, movement and contours) in fog, snow, dust, sand, darkness, etc as well as under water and in medical applications. V.E.T. works on video output from your underwater color cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material such as archived video tapes.


Lyyn Website

Contros Underwater Sensors

The Contros HydroCTM line of underwater and flow-through sensors for CO2, Methane, and Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons.

The Contros  HydroFlashTM O2 Optode sensor.

The Contros HydroFIATM Total Alkalinity Flow Injection Analyzer


The Contros Website


The Tracklink 1500 from LinkQuest, Inc.


The Tracklink 1500 is a USBL Acoustic Tracking System with Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum technology for underwater tracking and communication.  Please click here to view more information.

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