Lyyn Hawk and Lyyn Video Enhancement

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Lyyn Video Enhancement Systems


Real Time Image Enhancement for Analog Video

Available as a stand alone system or the new Lyyn Hawk Rackmount Single or Multichannel system


Symphotic TII is now the North American Distributor for Lyyn AB.   Please contact us for Reseller or OEM opportunities


The Lyyn Hawk Portable: Perfect for live video

The Lyyn Hawk Rackmount:  Single or double channel for integration in your video system or ROV control room

The Lyyn Hawk Integration/OEM kit.  Build Lyyn Video Enhancement Technology into your camera system.

The New Lyyn Griffin:  Real time video enhancement for hybrid CCTV networks with analog to digital encoding.



Image enhancement: intruder in low light before and after Lyyn enhancement.

This innovative new technology is called LYYN Visibility Enhancement Technology (V.E.T.). Visibility is enhanced (particularly the possibility to see colors, movement and contours) in fog, snow, dust, sand, darkness, etc as well as under water and in medical applications. 

V.E.T. works on video from underwater and surveillance cameras, but can also be used in processing saved material such as archived video tapes.


Image enhancement: Fish in murky water before and after Lyyn enhancement.



Image enhancement: Pedestrians on a snowy day before and after Lyyn enhancement.



Image enhancement: Human retina before and after Lyyn enhancement.

The Lyyn system works with real time video or with video tapes or other stored media, using color enhancing technology to bring out details obscured by smoke, haze, fog, snow and suspended solids. Now take a closer look in hard to view environments.

SPECIFICATIONS for the Lyyn Hawk

  • Supported video formats: Analog PAL and NTSC (Time Base Correct, Internal Sync)

  • Frame rate: PAL: 25 fps, NTSC: 30 fps

  • Source : Real-time live video feed or Stored material, e.g. from VHS player, video camera, etc

  • Buffering: 1 frame Delay PAL: 1/25 second, NTSC: 1/30 second

  • Image settings: Lyynification level, Rectangular selection, size and position

  • Connectors: BNC analog video (NTSC/PAL auto sensing) RS232

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The Lyyn Hawk Portable Image Enhancement System

The Lyyn Hawk Rackmount Image Enhancement System

The Lyyn Hawk Intgration/OEM Image Enhancement Kit

The Lyyn Griffin Image Enhancement System

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