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The Contros Undersea Sensors and Chemical Analyzers

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pCO2, Total Alkalinity, O2, Methane, Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) sensors and analyzers

The Contros undersea chemical analyzers offer new capabilities in underwater CO2 methane, PAH Offshore oil and gas exploration, environmental sciences and protection, ocean acidification and oceanographic research now have powerful new tools for chemical analysis from the surface to 6000 meters.  HydroC™ sensors can independently deployed or operated from ROVs and AUVs.

Symphotic TII Corporation is pleased to offer two versions of the HydroC™ CO2 Analyzer:  the HydroC™ CO2 FT, a flow through system for laboratory and onboard vessel pCO2 determinations, and the HydroC CO2 submersible analyzer with an integrated flow pump for faster response times.

Our newest product is the HydroFlash™ O2 sensor: a high performance "Optode" (optical sensor in an electrode sized package.)

The ControsTM HydroC FT Flow Through CO2 Sensor


The ControsTM HydroC Submersible CO2 Sensor with


The HydroC™/CO2 is used to measure pCO2 in  water and is available either as a submersible sensor or a laboratory or on-board modular analyzer.

The Chemistry of Ocean Acidification


The Improved HydroC™/PAH detects and measures polyaromatic hydrocarbons for environmental monitoring, and analytical chemistry in limnological and oceanographic research. It also has applications in environmental remediation after oil spills.  This system is compact, sensitive, reliable, and simple to deploy.


Sources of PAH in Seawater can be natural or anthropogenic

The Contros HydroC™/PAH sensor




The ControsTM HydroC Submersible CH4 Sensor with



The ControsTM HydroC FT Flow Through CH4 Sensor


The HydroC™/CH4 is used to measure CH4 in water and is available either as a submersible sensor or a laboratory or on-board modular analyzer.

Methane Hydrate: "flammable ice"


NEW:  The NEW HydroFlashTM O2 Optode sensor:

Powerful analytical capability in a compact sensor:

The optode is an optical sensor in compact, electrode sized housing.  This sensor determines dissolved oxygen by fluorescence quenching: oxygen diffuses into a fluorescent membrane coating on the surface of an optical window.  The coating is illuminated from the rear and the fluorescence is measured.  The measured fluorescence is inversely proportional to the dissolved oxygen concentration.  This technique gives an elegant, rapid and robust method for dissolved oxygen determination. Both temperature and percent saturation (0 to 200%) are time-stamped and stored on board for later recall, or can be accessed in real time through an RS-232 interface.




The Contros HydroFIA Total Alkalinity Analyzer

Autonomous Total Alkalinity Determinations for the lab or on your vessel.  A complete Total Alkalinity laboratory in a single unit.

Fast measurement cycles (5 min)
Robust pH determination using absorption spectrometry
Low sample consumption (<10 mL)
Low reagent consumption (<100 µL)
'Plug and Play' reagent cartridges
Minimized bio-fouling effects due to acidification of the sample
Autonomous long-term installations



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