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Saab-Seaeye ROVs Applications

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Saab Seaeye and Symphotic TII:

Symphotic TII Corporation is the North American Sales and Service Center for Falcon, Falcon F2, and Falcon DR ROV systems. We also supply service and maintenance parts for all Saab Seaeye ROV systems.

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(The links below will open the Saab Seaeye website articles on the topic shown)

Falcon ROV used for dam and bridge inspection  "Engineering Inspection"

Falcon ROV for Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection: "Pipelines"

Falcon ROV selected for Superyacht security: "Superyacht Security"

Hazardous Substance Spill Response using the Falcon ROV: "Hazardous Substances"

Aquaculture using the Falcon ROV:  "Aquaculture"

Superyacht using the Falcon ROV: "Superyacht"

Ocean Tracking Network selects deep water Falcon for Oceanography: "OTN Oceanography"

Falcon ROV Voted TOP EDUCATIONAL ROV: "Education"

Korean Coast Guard selects the Falcon: "Military and Law Enforcement"

Falcon ROV used to survey a British First World War Battleship, the HMS Hampshire

Cougar XT in free swimming mode used to remove derelict  fishing nets from Puget sound:  "Ghost Busters".

Falcon ROV used for Dam Inspection in Venezeula:  "Venezuela".

Lynx ROVs added to two Falcon ROVs used for Brazilian Oil Industry: "Oceanica/Petrobras Operations".

Falcon F2 ROV used to train ROV Pilots in Northwestern Michigan College Maritime Technology Bachelor's degree program.  "Pioneering Falcon".

Four Cougar XT systems used for underwater surveys, inspection, construction, and diver support in oil and gas, hydropower and engineering, including UXO (unexploded ordnace) disposal:  "Unexploded Ordnance Subsea Vision".

Falcon and Tiger ROVs selected for bridge piling, jetties and harbor  inspection, platform, pipeline and mooring inspection, salvage and seabed surveys in Asia.  "Tiger and Falcon for Asia".

Falcon ROV suppleid by Symphotic TII and our partner, Seaview Systems, and the University of Washington used to study the long term effect of renewable energy installations on marine life:  "Millennium Falcon with Adaptable Monitoring Package".


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