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 Sonars for Discovery, Detection, and Determination


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Sonars For ROV/AUV Navigation, Imaging, Profiling and Bathymetry


Symphotic TII Corporation has been providing sonar systems for ROV/AUV navigation, imaging and profiling since our earliest days.  These can be:

Imaging Scanning Sonars:  These are the standard imaging sonars used for ROV Navigation.  Our newest products include high resolution systems for operation in deep waters and gyro stabilized sonar for stable imaging from moving ROVs.


Imaging Multibeam Sonars:  These sonars have become more popular as new products small enough to install on ROVS have been developed.  They are also used for navigation and obstacle avoidance on both ROVs and AUVs.  An excellent example is the Imagenex 965A for use on small to medium sized ROVS.


Side Scan Sonars for AUVs and ROVs:  These sonars are used to make maps of the seabed and to locate and identify items on the bottom.


Echo Sounders and Altimeters:  These devices are used in both ROVS and AUVs for navigation, control, and bathymetry.

Sonars For SAR (Search and Recovery)


Sonars for SAR are used to locate and identify items such as bodies, sunken vessels, automobiles, weapons and other items of interest to Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Military dive teams.  Symphotic TII Corporation offers three types of sonars for this purpose:

Towable Sidescan Sonars:  Used for searching large areas.  A popular and powerful system is the Kongsberg PulSAR.


Tripod mounted High Resolution Scanning Imaging Sonars:  Used for precisely locating and identifying  targets of interest.  The most advanced and widely used system is the Kongsberg 1171.


ROV/AUV mounted Sonars:  Used for locating targets and for navigating an ROV to the location of the target.


Sonars For Engineering and Site Inspection


Sonars are used for Marine Engineering and Site Inspection (MESI) in the following application categories:

Infrastructure survey: direct imaging and diver supervision using high resolution scanning sonar.


Periodic Shallow Survey using high performance multi-beam sonar.


Persistent Survey: scour monitoring, dam integrity, dam silting, and berth monitoring and control.

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