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The NEW 965A High Speed High Resolution Imaging Sonar.

The Imagenex Model 965A is an advanced, high-speed, high-resolution, multibeam imaging sonar system that has been designed to provide simple, reliable, and accurate representation of underwater images.

The system consists of an underwater sonar head connected by Ethernet to a Windows™ based computer.



Introducing the revolutionary new 881L GS and 881A GS Gyro Stabilized Imaging Sonar:

Click here for video of the 881L GS in action

  • Advanced Sonar Interpretation with Image Stabilization

      Every ROV pilot struggles with vanishing targets when operating all previous scanning sonars. During the approach with an ROV or other moving platform, the change in vehicle heading will move targets out of the viewing sector of the sonar on successive sweeps. In order to re-locate the object the operator must increase the sector or stop the ROV and sit on the bottom to attempt to relocate.

      Smaller unwanted changes in rotation of the sonar platform will either compress or expand the scan of the target causing distortion and loss of bearing to the object.

      By combining a gyroscope and a magnetic compass with the sonar head, the new 881L-GS sonar is capable of correcting for orientation changes at a rate in excess of 500 degrees per second.  This allows compensation for sudden turns, bumping, and jarring. Scan lines are displayed without blurring, compression or smearing effects in all modes of operation.

      A North-up mode references the sonar image to true north when using an appropriate variation input: regardless of ROV heading changes, the sonar is able to keep the target continuously at the center of the scanning sector. Positional changes of aspect relative to the target are easily compensated by clicking the 'Set Gyro Reference' button on the screen.

      For use as a drop sonar suspended from its umbilical, this system provides a simple solution offering reliable and stable screen image orientation during most types of operation.

  • Simultaneous Display and Recording of your ROV Video on the 881A/L-GS computer.


  • Major Benefits:

The benefits of these new features are vastly reduced sonar image distortion, resulting in significantly improved object recognition.

Greatly increased operational efficiency in searches due to the ability to operate with much narrower search sectors with higher update rates, and without the need to re-acquire a target.

Easy recognition of bottom features within the search area due to minimal distortion.



The NEW 878 High Resolution Towable Sonar.

Simultaneous dual frequency, high resolution, LAN compatible with built in GPS, track plotter, and optional orientation module including depth,temperature, pitch, roll and heading sensors.  Also available with optional echo sounder.


The Imagenex SportScan: 

Affordable dual channel, high-resolution, digital sidescan sonar.

Features of the SportScan:

  • 8-bit, digital data over a full-duplex RS-232 link
  • 30 m depth rating
  • 23 m (75’) tow cable included
  • Up to 240 m (800’) total coverage
  • GPS interface
  • Speed correction
  • Dual or Single Frequency models available

The Imagenex Yellowfin: 

A full-featured, triple frequency, high resolution, sidescan sonar.


Features of the Yellowfin:

  • Triple frequency
  • High resolution 1000 data points per side
  • 300 m depth rating
  • Up to 400 m (1300’) total coverage
  • 23 m (75’) tow cable included
  • LAN compatible
  • Built in track plotter
  • Built in internal GPS receiver

Imagenex 881A Digital Multi-frequency Imaging Sonar

A favorite of ROV operators and manufacturers worldwide

Features of the 881A Imaging Sonar:

  • Programmable
  • Multi-frequency
  • High performance
  • Lower cost
  • Low power
  • Simple set-up and installation
  • Digital telemetry
  • Full scale range from
    1 m to 200 m
  • Compact size
  • Communication format available to user

Proven Applications:

  • ROV, AUV, & UUV
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Sunken Timber Recovery
  • Diving Support
  • Surveying
  • Search & Recovery
  • Inspection
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Scientific Research

To Learn More:

The Imagenex 881A GS and 881L GS

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Sportscan Dual Frequency Sonar

Yellowfin Triple Frequency Sonar

Sportscan Dual Frequency Sonar

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