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The GPS Intelligent Buoy Systems

The GIB (GPS Intelligent Buoy) portable tracking system was developed by ACSA in France.  Surface buoys and compact pingers are used to measure the time-of-flight of acoustic signals and locate the pinger to high degree of accuracy.  These pingers may be mounted on one or more remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomouse underwater vehicles (AUVs), divers, or other underwater subjects. The GIB Systems are the first and only systems to offer true real-time GPS tracking underwater.

The GIB system is composed of :

A set of 4 to 12 buoys. Two designs of buoy are available, a smaller buoy (15 kg--33 lbs) for coastal areas or a larger buoy ( 60 kg--130 lbs) for offshore operations.

Acoustic pingers. The frequency range of pingers compatible with GIB systems ranges from 8 to 50 kHz.

1 Control and Display Unit (a laptop, deck unit containing all the necessary electronics and 3 antennas).
The main advantages of the GIB system are:

Fast installation on board non dedicated ships,
Easy to deploy & recover, no calibration,
Real-time multi-subject tracking capabilities,
Single meter accuracy in 3D,
Accurate time stamping of positions and payload data,
High repetition rate.

For rapid, simple deployment in an area of 500 m by 500 m and 100 meter depth we recommend the GIB-Lite system.  This system can track multiple subjects, such as a diver and an ROV, for up to 8 hours.


For large tracking areas, up to 2 nautical miles square and long duration missions, the GIB-Plus is an ideal choice.

Aquatic : The tracking Graphical User Interface

The GIB Systems use AQUATIC, a true graphic user interface (GUI) which provides a user-friendly interface for underwater tracking and monitoring. Self-diagnostic & configurable alarms assist the operator for effective mission management.

Post-processing tools and automatic report generation are created for used in mission debriefing and reporting.

Data acquisition & storage in real-time is carried out with using robust and automatic hard disk storage.

Application :
- GIB systems interface
- Real-time data acquisition & storage
- Underwater tracks calculation & display
- Post-processing advanced tools
- Automatic report generation

Key features :
- Advanced tracking algorithms
- C-MAP vector chart compatible
- User-friendly GUI

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