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Symphotic TII Corporation is proud to offer cameras for underwater stills, underwater video, and radiation environments.


Imenco Underwater Cameras:

We are an authorized distributor for the Imenco (Formerly Kongsberg) camera line, including the OE cameras as used on our ROV systems.


Underwater Digital Stills 

OE14-408 / 408E Underwater Digital Stills Camera

10 Megapixel resolution - Real time framing video - True 'on-the-fly' upload capability


OE14-408 / 408E Underwater Digital Stills Camera

10 Megapixel resolution - Real time framing video - True 'on-the-fly' upload capability

Underwater Video Cameras


We offer a complete line of underwater video cameras.  Please contact us with your application and we will help configure a system for you!

HD Cameras:


SD Cameras:

OE15-100d / 101d High Resolution Enhanced Monochrome CCD Camera
Excellent low light performance - 4,500 msw titanium alloy housing - 102° diagonal AOV in water

OE14-370 / 371 Colour Zoom Camera
36:1 zoom lens - Extended angle of view - Addressable serial control

OE14-366a / 367a Underwater Colour Zoom Camera
18:1 zoom lens - 460TVL/PH Horizontal resolution - Addressable serial control
OE13-124/125 Low Light
Better imaging performance in low-light and turbid water conditions - Longer range viewing - Improved reliability, maintainability and through-life savings -Monochrome


OE14-376 / 377 Light Ring Colour Camera
Integral high output LED lighting - Ruggedised 3,000 msw aluminium alloy housing - Electronic iris - Compact dimensions
OE15-108 / 109 Mini Monochrome Observation Camera
High resolution CCD - Compact dimensions - Cost effective - 3,000 msw aluminium alloy housing
OE14-110/111 Compact Colour CCD Camera
Rugged - Compact dimensions


OE14-222 / 223 Colour Pan and Tilt Zoom (PATZ) Camera
10:1 optical zoom (with 40x digital) - Head Position can be displayed on video - Addressable

OE14-212 / 213 Colour Zoom, Rotate and Tilt (ZRAT) Camera
10:1 optical zoom Lens - Text insertion - Serial control with position feedback



Please contact us for sales and spares for your AMPHIB Low Light Surveillance System (ALLSS) and Helicopter Surveillance System (HOSS)



Radiation Tolerant Video Cameras


The AquaRAD®, the ColorRADtm and the MegaRADtm radiation tolerant cameras.

The AquaRAD® Underwater Camera

The AquaRAD® HS radiation tolerant

 underwater camera (shown with

optional motorized right angle viewer)

The AquaRAD® HS radiation

tolerant underwater camera


The AquaRAD® is the world's first and only highly radiation tolerant color solid state camera for use in underwater applications. The AquaRAD® is available exclusively from Symphotic TII Corporation.
The AquaRAD® and AeRADtm cameras are now available with a series of options for your application: static or motorized right angle viewer, underwater pan and tilt, and zoom or standard lens configuration. It can also be built in a low profile configuration for tight inspections.

Also available as a monochrome version, the AquaRAD® series of cameras can take a closer look at your high radiation inspection targets underwater.

Key Features

  • Radiation tolerant to beyond 3 x 106 Rad--3 x 10Gy

  • Close focus for underwater inspection

  • Right angle viewer

  • Color, solid state imager--simple to setup, simple to use

  • NTSC or PAL versions available.

  • Analog Video or USB Video output

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